Saturday, April 18, 2015

Super Saturday

   Killing it all day long! This group is a blast!!! I'm the only boarder in the group, so it was nice to bump into Charles (who pretended to be British, then Scottish, but is actually from KC originally... Used to live at 88th & Holmes).
   I tried my best to keep up with Gina on her blazing-fast skis and we rode 26 miles together, up to 45 mph. I even beat her to the lift a few times, though I'm not sure she knew I was trying to race her. ;)
   Après-ski shenanigans
   Closing weekend activities are awesome... Free bands, free food (like this rattlesnake-rabbit meatball with goat cheese and mint pesto sauce), and free beer. 
   Tonight was quite the gourmet adventure between this, and hopping a shuttle to Breck... After Babette stopped at the ATM, of course.

   We stopped at Breckenridge Distillery to do a tasting of their vodkas and whiskeys. Then we hit Relish for a lychee martini and red curry escargot (one of the top 5 best foods I've ever eaten, seriously), and Ember for Indian-style lamb osso busso (omg yum). Bravo to Kyle for planning the exquisite excursion!