Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dear Google

   Dear Google, my name is Jen and I just submitted my application for your Doodler job. I drew this for you in my sketchbook (like, in pen, and I totally free handed it. Except for the deer, I drew him in pencil first because as we all know, deers are hard to draw) and hope we will get a chance to talk. Since I know a little about how search works on the interwebs (and I'm thinking you might know something about it, too?), I typed below what I sketched to help you find it:
   Dear Google, I was born to doodle. Seriously, I just asked my mom and she confirmed. (You're not calling my mom a liar, are you?) I'm a ninja with a sketchbook (Yes, that says 忍者. I dabble in the art of Japanese language just because), a science nerd and nature lover, an extreme sports enthusiast (I'll try anything twice! And I even have some previously-broken bones to prove it), an aficionado of funny (sing with me now: I like big words and I cannot lie), and I play really well with others (you otha bruthas can't deny) of the two legged and also furry four-legged varieties (not so much the furry eight legged variety… EEK!!!) Did I mention I'm a scuba diver? Yep… I even doodle underwater. Fo. Realz. I bet if you ask me to try sketching while I'm on my snowboard, I am dumb–oops! I mean courageous–enough to try it for you. I think we should talk. Don't you? xo Jen Rarey
   PS: Yes, that is an actual picture of my dear mother, and she is going to be very disappointed if I don't hear from you because she does NOT want me moving into her basement.
   PSS: I would love to join you in Cali. Where I can learn to doodle while surfing. That has been a challenge here in Kansas.
   PSSS: Seriously, don't call my mom a liar. She may be adorable, but she can take you down-town.
   All fun and games aside, I am a creative director and strategist as well as an illustrator and designer. I have a great pedigree from Hallmark, so I know little about collaborative creative teams and art that fosters emotional connections between people. I also have a long history of volunteering for local animal rescue organizations, and make time to support the causes I care about.
   In addition to the things I mentioned in the cartoon (which are actually true), I am a highly curious person, a lifelong learner, and a natural teacher. I know a little about a whole lot of things and I'm always looking to learn more. I value experiences and relationships. I live to make people laugh and love it when my artwork makes them smile.
   I believe I would be a good fit for Google because my personality and values will blend well with your culture. I hope I get the chance to show you.
   My career coach tells me that a common mistake people make is applying, but never truly asking for the job. So, I'm asking.