Monday, May 18, 2015

My inner kid came out to play

   I love my neighborhood. There are at least four gorgeous parks within easy walking distance. This morning I ran by three of them, South Lake Park, Santa Fe Commons Park, and Strang Park. I often go by Cherokee, too. For the most part in the last couple years, my exercise has consisted of running, with occasional kayaking, indoor rock climbing, and snowboarding mixed in. My legs are in better shape than the rest of me. But not for long… I've started to use the parks on my route for their playgrounds, working out my arms and abs. And climbing their trees!

   Last night, this little girl and her sister followed me up about 20 feet, while their dad watched us from the ground and made friends with my dogs. So adorable!!!
   And OMG, is it just me, or does this tree have a big face? (Hint: it's not just me.)
    My climbing skills came in handy yesterday when my gutters needed cleaning. With all the rain we've had in recent weeks, I noticed that one of my gutters has been overflowing. Turns out a bunch of leaves and "helicopter" seeds were jammed up at the top. So I climbed up on the roof yesterday to remedy that situation. The kids across the street saw me walking around up there and looked shocked. I hope that I didn't give them any ideas… ;)
   Speaking of getting ideas, my ol' boy Taylor learned some new tricks from hotshot Hachi, and when I went in the house for about three seconds to get something, I came back to find this guy stalking my breakfast.
   So cute, so bad. Fortunately, he hadn't moved in on my yogurt yet. I had just come back from a 6.25 mile run, so I really needed that breakfast! Don't nobody go stalking my coffee!!!