Saturday, May 9, 2015

We're off to see the... Fur Ball

   The "Fur Ball" gala for Wayside Waifs was a smashing success: they raised $1,093,000 right before our very eyes! And my eyes could scarcely believe themselves when Azusa appeared. I haven't seen my friend in two months. She gave me the best hug ever. Twice. 
   Here is some of the work that Ginny, Jack, and I donated for the silent auction:
   And some of the 200+ tissue paper poppies that Ginny and I volunteered to help create for the table centerpieces. The catered meal was fantastic, and the bar was open. (Actually, they had 18 bars set up around the space. No one went thirsty!)
   Gary Lezak served as emcee, and brought his dogs, all in Wizard of Oz costumes.
   We bumped into Barb and Pat, too. I love Pat's expression in our goofy group selfie:
   So great to catch up with friends, and to celebrate the success for the homeless pets in Kansas City. And... I finally won one of Dick Daniel's irreverent Mickeys! I like it.
   A couple of days later, on my morning run, I discovered some real poppies!
   Such a lovely reminder of such a fun night.