Friday, May 29, 2015

Scuba fun

   Some cartoons capturing the fun of IDC (instructor development course) with my five bestest buddies in the pool:
   And at Beaver Lake:
   Today's inwater drawing is me as the "student" donning my BCD backwards for "instructor" PJ, alias TecJ. The instructor exam is fun because your fellow candidates play students and are assigned to act out real-life problems during their skills, which you as the instructor must catch and correct--until the student demonstrates mastery.
   Couple more choice (and entirely true) stories. I'm standing there trying to be all calm and nonchalant because Sam was instructing us and I didn't want to interrupt him, and meanwhile it felt like a nail was being driven into my knee... AARGH!
   Jerry really should have been an actor/comedian, no one portrays problems as well as he!