Friday, May 22, 2015

Taste of fun

   Taste of Kansas City VIPs, after wayyy too many plates of decadent food and plenty of trips to the bar. All free. With my favorite peeps. Not pictured: Carolyn and Mike. Thanks for the tickets, Monte!!!!
   We caught him for a few minutes before he got up on stage to film the competition in progress...
...whilst we were busy hitting the Scratch gourmet cookie bar over and over again. The cookies were great, and so were the dark chocolate bourbon bacon truffles from Westside Local. Hotel Phillips, Unforked, Jerusalem Cafe, Morton's, Stiletto Vodka, Tallgrass Brewing, Cooper's Hawk and more.
   And in round two of festivities, we hit a dive bar and competed in trivia. I earned our team an extra 50 points for the drawing accompanying our name. (Google, aren't you looking for a Doodler? Everyone at that piano bar thinks I'm qualified. HINT HINT)
   What I am not qualified for, apparently, is answering questions about tons of movies that I haven't seen. Apparently I picked the wrong night to tear it up in trivia.