Monday, June 15, 2015

Not. Again.

   It has been raining so frequently that I need to start constructing an ark. I already have two Shibas, I can easily borrow the neighbors cat to make two of those, and now I have my choice of… Mice. I think the rain must be driving them in my house, although I have no idea how they're getting in. In four days, my animals found three of them. I was around for two and was able to trap and release. The third little mouse wasn't so lucky.
   No matter how gross and disgusting mice are when they are in your home, I still think they're cute. My mom says that's why they keep coming in… They know I'm a sympathizer.
   Gee, do you think there's something under that cabinet?
   Here's the little guy making a break for it after I took him outside. JUST STAY IN YOUR NATURAL HABITAT, WILLYA?!?!