Sunday, June 14, 2015

Made in the shade

   The weekend was a little challenging, weather-wise, with bouts of torrential rain, unrelenting sunshine, and clouds. I'm so proud of my good friend Ginny, who had one of the best booths at the Vintage and Made fair in Des Moines. Her company is called moments by Ginny, and you can check it out here:
   In addition to helping her man the booth and pack everything up at the end of the show on Sunday, Dawn, Sheryl, and I had great fun.
   Two words: banana margarita. Dinner at Monterey was so fun.
   Such a great show overall, very well curated with a lot of talented artists.
   And I bought a lot of cool loot! Shout out to Red door press, dyed in the wool yarn Company, stitch, Genevra Bell, hatchlings and hens, June craft by Kayanna Nelson, Abernathy's, bomb de fleuer, and just my type designs by Elizabeth Stumbo. (And everyone else who was showing, those just happened to be the cards that I picked up.)