Saturday, August 22, 2015

Art unleashed 2015

   Above is this year's T-shirt design on a nice, bright teal color. I hope they will remember to give me a shirt this year! The steel art we created at machine head was all there, in the silent auction or the raffle.
 Paper collages on masonite: bulldog by Michelle Berg, and siamese kitty with birds by Terry Runyan. 
   There were several beautifully framed posters by artist Michael Leu, all from the collection of a former Humane Society volunteer, who unfortunately passed away recently. She left her entire collection of cat knickknacks and artwork to the shelter to auction.
   I was excited to win one of Michael Leu's cat prints, a giant cat hauling a pink shark out of the ocean. Seemed a little perfect for my bathroom.
   And Bryan fell in love with Roxy, a 4 1/2-month-old mutt.
   All in all, a great art unleashed. I would say that the new venue, the Ritz Charles and Overland Park, was a huge improvement. At Hale Arena, lighting was a significant challenge, and the artwork just didn't look good. This was a very large, open room, with plenty of room to move around and do the work. A success!