Saturday, August 22, 2015

Pizza at David's

   David's isn't a real restaurant… Yet. But my buddy grows such amazing home grown produce that he needs to at least start up a farmers market in his own yard. He had us over on Saturday to celebrate my dive instructor ship with some garden to table pizzas cooked on the grill.
   And as usual, he sent me away with an absolutely ridiculous amount of his art: Sungold cherry tomatoes, other cherry tomatoes, Romas, and heirloom varieties like purple Cherokee and Brandywine. He also grew brussels sprouts just for me this year, as well as eggplant.
   And then there were the peppers: jalapeño, habanero, and Serrano. And the newcomers, the ghost peppers. We trapped a bunch of those safely in a glass jar and I'm going to deliver them to Adam and Dana. They're the only people I know crazy enough to eat ghost peppers!
   And in addition to the delectable pizzas, David also made dessert: double chocolate brownies with coffee, and a school of shark sugar cookies!