Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kayaking… Finally!

   I haven't posted nearly enough kayak selfies this year. And for good reason: this was the first time I had been out on my boat! It has been a busy spring and summer between all my travel and my career search, and Joni has also had a busy summer and has been unable to go.
   Fortunately, Bryan just bought his own boat, so now I have a nudge to get out there more often. What a perfect night to be out for this year's maiden voyage. The sunset was just gorgeous, and the lake was high enough that we were able to access parts of the coves that I had never seen before. The dogs got a little impatient and need to get back into it again, but in the end, I know they were glad for the time outside. And they were especially glad for a little taste of Sheridans frozen custard after we finished.