Wednesday, August 12, 2015


   No, I did not adopt a husky. But I sort of wanted to today. This morning I ran 7 miles, and picked up a runaway Siberian Husky along the way. I really had only planned to run 6 miles, but the detour cost me.
   She escaped from her backyard and was roaming downtown OP, near 80th and Hemlock, when she ran up to me to request a belly rub. I talked to some neighbors who had never seen her before, then decided to make her run 2 miles with me to the OP police/community office. They helped locate her owner.
   There were a dozen city employees fawning over Sammy and she was hamming it up. They said if her owner didn't want her, she could be their new mascot! First they called the animal hospital in Topeka who had issued her 2013 rabies tag, the only tag on her collar. Fortunately the vet still had the owners correct phone number, so they were able to call her and have her come over to pick up her dog. Samantha started prancing when she saw her owner. Her owner was annoyed with her because she was going to be late for work. She never said thanks, nor did she seem grateful that her dog was safe. It surprised and saddened me. I bet she will think back on this later and realize that she was lucky. The dog was very well cared for, so I know she is loved.
How cute is she???
   And a funny little sidenote: right after I picked up some answer and we started running towards the city office, the song "Runaway" by Kanye West came up on my iPod. Synchronicity.