Monday, September 21, 2015

Hi from HI

    My work in Oahu has kept me so busy that I haven't been able to keep up with posting photos... eventually. But here are a couple from one of the THREE dolphin snorkel tours I've joined so far. All in all, I've swam with well over 100 spinner dolphins. The highlight of the trips was watching a baby leap and spin in the air with joy. It was at the end of tour #2, as if he wanted to see us off with a joyful ALOHA and MAHALO!
   I've been able to practice some free diving and am getting more comfortable and able to hold my breath longer. Scuba has me a little spoiled... it's nice to be able to stay down for an hour at a time! Freediving gives me quicker glimpses into the undersea realm. But the tradeoff is that feeling of being free and unencumbered by cumbersome gear.
   No matter how many times I go out on the boat, I'll never tire of this incredible view. There has been an unusual amount of rain this year (prior to my trip, fortunately), so the mountains are much more verdant than usual, according to the kama'aina (locals). Joy.