Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mouse morning

   Just when you think you might be sheltering a house full of freeloaders, they prove you wrong. 
   I awoke to hearing the cat pushing in and out of the swing in closet doors in the hallway, and bumping against the studio door. So I released the hounds and open the door, and soon all three animals were going crazy in there. I knew from experience it was a mouse. I started pulling out furniture, and the poor mouse kept running back-and-forth trying to get in a safe spot. I actually felt a little sorry for it… it didn't have a chance with those three! It made a wrong move trying to cut across the floor, with all three hot on its heels, like a pack of wolves working in unison. Aki leapt to the front of the line and ended the chase.
   Unfortunately I saw Aki catch the mouse. More horrifyingly, I heard it. The sound of bones crunching. They had chase this mouse for several minutes, and by the time she caught it, she was so wound up she couldn't help herself.
   So today will forever be known as the day I finally broke down and called a pest control expert. I love animals, I just don't need more than three in my home.