Monday, October 19, 2015

Primed and ready

   Least surprising event in the history of the world: cat walks across paint tray and "signs" my floors. #kismet #jenspets #kitty #cat #catsofinstagram #brat #troublemaker #curiositykilledthewhatnow
   But let me back up with the beginning of the story:
   My house has a very nice wood door. However, they stain color does not exactly fit in with my new exterior colors. And with the goal of making the color scheme more modern, it's time to change it. Plus, I didn't have any freelance work today and wanted to feel useful. And I'm top of that, Sherwin-Williams was having a 40% off paint sale that ended today. That was all the sign I needed!
   Choosing colors is an exhausting process for an artist, because we are aware that there are probably like 80 billion possible choices. However, I had narrowed my options down to red, bright yellow, or turquoise before I went to select chips. After much deliberating, I went with one of the darker, cleaner shades of red.
   Then I said about the work of coating the door with two coats of light gray primer. Fortunately, my foreman, Kismet, was available to supervise the job. Because as we all know, work should be done to a cat's exacting standards.
   And here we go, two coats of primer! Although I was sad to paint the pretty door, I already like this light color better than the warm would. And I'm sure I will love the red even more!
   Moments after admiring my handiwork, Kismet walked through the paint tray, probably to be helpful by checking the paint's viscosity, or something like that, resulting in the first photo. Let's hope the rest of this job is incident free!