Thursday, November 26, 2015

Best thanksgiving ever

   Happy Thanksgiving, all! Starting out the day thankful for my great friends: Bryan, Madeline, Wayne, John, Katherine, Christian, Jon, Wendy, and Sally!
   The guy in the turkey hat is Jon, and the pilgrim in the red jacket is John, and they are the guys at Buttonwood Financial who helped me sail through my transition out of work --and into work-- this year. I gotta say, they made it easier and less stressful than I ever could've imagined. They are two of the people I'm MOST grateful for this year, so it was especially nice to celebrate the holiday with them at the run, and lunch at Capital Grill!
   Super grateful that Wayne had s good debut run, following the heart attack he had during the Broadway bridge half marathon in September!
   As usual, it's me who is the turkey.
   And the hats (and extra treats) made these two lil' pilgrims' day the best too.