Sunday, November 1, 2015

Perry Lake: from my Canon

   We stopped for lunch in our usual spot and took our photos on "Picture Rock." I've now visited Perry in January, March, and November, and all seasons are beautiful! (With the exception of summer... with its 100 degree + humidity temps and all the ticks and chiggers. Forget it!!!)
   Want free lasik surgery? Just look closely at my intensely-neon shirt!
    As always, the views of the lake from the trail are stunning. Here Bryan takes it all in while Joni and I take the dog's to the water's edge to cool off.
    The migrating pelicans are still here! It was fun to see them last month from the water, and now from the land. We also saw hawks, an eagle, and a swarm of ladybugs. Although much of the Autumn color had gone, there were spectacular glimpses of it still.