Sunday, November 1, 2015

Perry Lake pups

   My boy Tay finally became a bona fide swimmer! He has experimented with it since we started kayaking several years ago, but didn't display full confidence until today. Perhaps it was the warm weather that convinced him it was time to learn. He, Kippy, and Asher had a blast splashing around together!
   The hilarious thing is that his little puffball tail wags vigorously as he swims, like a curly rudder. Check out the dramatic color of the lake in the strong mid-day sunlight:
    Kippy prefers to fetch big sticks, and Taylor became very enamored with a "stogie" (aka corn cob). He's always thinking about dinner!
    Aki preferred to stay (relatively) dry. Mammals who shake like this can get 70% of the water out of their coats, as I learned recently from a show about polar bears on Nat Geo. And indeed, soon our dogs were dry and ready to continue the hike.