Monday, December 28, 2015

Shiba power

   My dear Aki goes in for surgery tomorrow morning to repair her torn ACL. Three weeks ago I let the dogs in the backyard, and they sprinted off the deck just like they have done every day for the last eight years. But this time, she pushed the speed a bit too far: disaster. She has been getting around miraculously well, running up and down the stairs on three legs, though I'm trying to keep her quiet. Such is a tough girl! Hoping that bodes well for a successful surgery and quick recovery. Please send good thoughts our way! #jenspets #jenrareyart #aki #shibainu #impatientpatient
   In addition to their normal accoutrements, both dogs will be wearing special "Shiba Power" custom tags that I made to wish Aki strength during her surgery and recovery. #jenrareyart #jenspets #shibapower #akitaylor #shibainu #shibas