Saturday, January 2, 2016

Saturday snooze

   To the average person this would be the boring-est Saturday night ever, but I'm overjoyed to have my girl curled up asleep in my lap. She couldn't get comfortable on the floor and really wanted up on the couch with me. I worry that I might bump that big scar on her leg or hurt her knee, but it was worth trying: as soon as I picked her up and removed the cone, she settled down and fell right asleep.
   All this makes me remember my ankle surgery from a few years back, and how unexpectedly awful it was. The recovery was SO much worse than the surgeon prepared me for. It breaks my heart to think that Aki is in a fraction as much pain as I was--and her surgery was certainly a bigger deal than mine.
   My house is a mess, laundry is half done, I have Christmas presents left to wrap... But this is one thing I'm happy to dedicate my time to. She needs rest to heal. How sweet it will be to have her on four legs again in a few weeks...