Sunday, February 7, 2016


   One year ago today come on my friends and I embarked on the scuba instructor development course. Thanks to Facebook for reminding me.
   That was such a stressful time... We had heard rumors that layoffs would be coming, and I was seriously debating whether it made sense to spend the time and money on diving when I didn't know what was coming. (It was only a month later that I found out what was coming!)
   I made the decision by assuring myself that whatever happened, I would never regret the time spent with such wonderful friends, with a course director as great as Sam, on training that would encourage me to keep experiencing the world in rich and unique ways… As well as to help others do the same. And a year later, I was right about that… No regrets!
   My first student was in Oahu, under the guidance of another talented course director, Laura. 
   Thinking about the journey this last year has been, I wouldn't change a thing!