Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Getting political

   I avoid getting all political on social media, because I think most people have their own minds made up, and it only breeds conflict. I choose my friends for reasons other than political affiliation and alignment with my believes and values… diversity of thought is critical to making all of us stronger. 
   But I just happened to see these two videos back to back, and it really struck me: their tone couldn't be more different, yet each makes salient points about how dangerous it would be to have the Trump in the White House.
   John Oliver unapologetically digs up as much dirt as he can, and hilariously flings it in every direction:  
   ...but the concerns are real. Sure, Trump is good for entertainment, but our country would be making a huge sacrifice to bring him for want of comedic material.
   I happen to have deep respect for President Obama and his family. Even if you don't, I am imagine you can see how his calm, thoughtful, and persuasive style is significantly more effective than Trump's hotheaded, childish name-calling would be in our nation's highest office. I wish we could see the two of them in a debate, can you imagine how that would go?
   President Obama's point about the Republicans' dismissal of climate change is the thing that scares me the most. Because the rest of the world does depend on America acting wisely and in concert with them… And ignoring reality on an issue like this affects every person on this earth... the ripples will keep going long into the next presidencies. 
   I strongly want to believe that there is goodness in the other Republican candidates, and that they would have a positive impact on our country. But for this one issue alone, none of them are electable. What issue is more important than climate change? We are systematically destroying our only home.
   Most likely I will be dead before climate change causes catastrophic and unlivable conditions. But I want better for the future of our world. And personally, I think it's bizarre and wrong that it has been 75° in February in Kansas!
   Thank you to Oliver and Yahoo for creating these videos.
   And PS: Marco Rubio's new commercial says he is "The democrats' nightmare." Well, guess who you're going to have to work with if you get elected to office, genius? That's right… Democrats. Which means that you are actually "the Americans' nightmare." Because all of this antiquated party system bickering does nothing but slow or halt real progress. Doesn't matter which side you're on. To bill yourself as the nightmare to your opposing side--with whom you will surely have to negotiate --is an asinine thing to say.
   I should poke holes in some of the things that the Democrats are saying; I really don't intend to pick on one side--choosing our next president is not of mattered to take lightly, and I don't vote straight ticket. I want the best person for the job. But these Republicans are just making it so easy to call them out, with so many jaw-droppingly stupid comments and such ridiculous, juvenile behavior. Beginning to think I should submit my cat for consideration.

Update 3/3: Quote from Donald Trump's spokesperson (Corey Lewandowski) on CNN just now: "Why should we let facts get in the way of what reality is?"
Umm... Yeah......