Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Broken broken broken

   My faithful coffee maker, which has served me well for many years, must have kicked the bucket overnight. The timer came on to start brewing early this morning, but nothing happened. It's not pulling the water through. And the prospect of not having coffee in the morning is clearly an EMERGENCY.
   Instead of running to Starbucks, I ran upstairs, dug into my backpack, and produced my jetboil and coffee press attachment. I already don't shower every single day, and now I really feel like I'm camping in my house. As my friend Renee likes to say, the last of the human race will be backpackers!
   It was a rough night as well, because Aki has an upset stomach and woke me up every hour to go outside. Worried about the big sleepy crash that is going to hit me later!
   And in other news, does this cat look broken to you? What the h is going on?