Thursday, April 21, 2016

Catching the kids

   Today's lunchtime sketch is another follow up about the neighborhood kids we've befriended. We didn't get to see them last Wednesday through Friday because of the strong rains, and then a day off school.
   Yesterday morning was rough. My other dog, Aki, was very ill and had kept me up all night long. And when I went to brew some much-needed coffee, I discovered that my coffeemaker had spontaneously died. Double whammy! I cooked up some chicken and rice for my sick pup, and made coffee in my backpacking stove-- all of this led to me walking Taylor later than usual.
   As we rounded the corner and came down the street, I looked ahead and saw Mary the crossing guard talking to our kids… They were about to cross the street and go into school. Taylor wasn't about to miss them, and broke into a sprint. I could barely keep up with him (and tried hard not to think about how bad it would be if I tripped)! 
   Mary pointed and the kids turned around, and instantly knelt on the pavement, arms outstretched. Taylor ran faster. It was like a slow motion moment in a movie, and he leapt into their arms, licking their faces-- alternating from kid to kid.
   Amazing how all it takes to turn your day around is one brief moment of pure joy.