Saturday, April 23, 2016

Finding treasure

   Busy day today, with a stop at two different vets, packet pick up for tomorrow's race a little work, and then lunch with my dear friends Dick and Patrice.
   After a long week of little sleep, since both dogs have been very sick, it was a good night for a long walk to enjoying the springtime sunset. My buddy Taylor joined me, and we found this beautiful feather. Anyone know which type of bird lost it?
   Feathers are symbolic of so many things: courage, potential, freedom, enlightenment, and limitlessness. Laura reminded us all of our own potential in bestowed a white feather on each of us last summer in Hawaii. Now every time I find one, I'm not only inspired, but I think of her, and what an experience we had together. And connecting my own neighborhood back to that wonderful experience is a blessing. I need a big dose of inspiration and energy to get my goals on track and moving…