Wednesday, May 4, 2016

New friends

   To quote Will Rogers, "a stranger is just a friend I haven't met yet." That's generally my philosophy, as I love meeting new people. And tonight was a real treat!
   I was about halfway through a 4.5 mile run, and my legs were hurting more than usual. I had just turned up one of my favorite streets in the neighborhood, not far from my favorite farmers market. I crossed the street and approached my favorite house--a beautifully-maintained blue house with an absolutely incredible garden.
   Just then I noticed that there was a green VW bug headed towards me, driving very, very slowly. The man driving kept looking to his right, the sidewalk where I was. I looked up and saw a large Siberian Husky mix headed straight for me. I immediately went into rescue mode, as I have caught several loose Huskies before, and it sure looks like this guy was trying to catch his dog. I knelt down and clap my hands and called her, and she came right to me. I held onto her collar and thought, "Well that was much easier than I expected."
   But much to my surprise, the man kept driving! He must've been lost himself… He had not lost his dog. Confused, I looked up to see the homeowner walking towards me and chuckling, "She's fine. She lives here!"
   I removed my earbuds and sheepishly apologized for trying to dognap her dog. And we launched into a nearly 30 minute conversation about the neighborhood, about running, about pets, you name it. Turns out she was an avid runner, and she and her husband ran together for many years, until age and injury forced her to stop against your will. The story was beginning to sound familiar.
   And just like that, Sheryl, Myah the dog, and I became fast friends. She invited me back to visit, and I promised to return next time I walk Taylor.
   Now, the best part: she happen to mention that her birthday is right around the corner (although based on the number she shared, she must have the fountain of  youth hidden on her property!), so I made a mental note of it. This afternoon I ran out to the Upper Crust Bakery and picked up a gift certificate for one of their delicious pies. I also picked up a large hambone for Myah. Saturday morning I'm going to walk to the farmers market and leave the gifts on her front porch. I can't wait!!!