Thursday, May 5, 2016


   We had a two day team meeting this week with my team at Sassafras Marketing. While we accomplished a lot, we also had a lot of fun. Our president always gives us a crazy challenge to build up our creative problem-solving. This time I was teamed up with Shannon--a perfect creative conspirator! She took the lead on crafting the story and I storyboarded it as we talked.
   We were given a list of items that had to be included in our story: a scientist who studies snakes, a bossy little girl, a school bus driver, bananas, 100-year-old woman, smelly gym shoes, nine-year-old twins, kindergarten class, a pet store, a talking parrot, lottery ticket, a library book, and doughnuts. 
   In a nutshell, our story was this: bossy little Maxine was given a snake by her scientist father to take to show and tell at her kindergarten class. It also happened to be doughnut Friday. Maxine was getting ready to head to school, but she tripped over her nine-year-old brothers smelly gym shoes, and the donuts went flying. The very hungry snake swallowed them all.
   Undaunted, Maxine scooped up the snake and boarded the school bus. But on the bus, the hungry snake escaped and tried to eat the bananas that Maxine's friend Kathy brought for her talking parrot. Commotion ensued, and the girls were kicked off the bus by the crotchety hundred year old lady bus driver.
   So, Maxine and her snake, and Kathy and her parent, had to walk to school. They passed their favorite pet store (The armadillo in the window is a joke--a reference to one of our earlier team discussions). The girls noticed a library book lying on the sidewalk and picked it up. Out fell a lottery ticket.
   Suddenly, Kathy's parrot got very excited. He watches the lottery drawing on TV everyday and started spouting out the numbers from last night's drawing. The girls read the ticket in amazement as they realized that they had won. And the snake said, "you're welcome." for being responsible for the fortunate accident.