Saturday, June 11, 2016

Dog n Jog 2016

   Taylor and I went over to Petco to pick up our dog n jog packet this afternoon! Poor Aki is still recuperating and won't be able to join us for the race tomorrow. She's always upset when we leave without her, but in truth, she's not very comfortable and crowds. So if I was able to explain where we were going, she would be glad to stay home. She'll be with us in spirit! 
   The printer did a nice job with the shirts, and the pick up was busy, so I'm hoping for another huge turnout and some good money raised for the Humane Society of greater Kansas City.
   The event was great as always and very well attended, though it was already in the 80s and too hot for running. Taylor and I were spectators for the 2 mile run, though we usually run both distances. This year we opted just to run the 1 mile. 
   We earned our fastest time ever, 6:29, which was enough for fourth place. We just barely missed being on the podium! So the three of us have won first place once, second-place twice, and now Taylor and I have come in fourth place twice. Think we're due for third place next year, at least?!
   Gary and Sunny performing for the crowd:
   Big crowd! I always get so geeked up to see 1000 people wearing my T-shirt.
   Taylor saw a kiddie pool and dove right in. So much for Shibas not being fans of water--He loves it!!! Especially when he desperately needs to cool off.