Saturday, June 11, 2016

Market to Farm

   Today was all about good food and good friends. Kelly and I walked up to the farmers market this morning before it got too hot. Well actually, that's not correct-- it was already WAY too hot for a 5 mile walk, but we did it. And although it was worth it to pick up all this gorgeous produce, dehydration wiped me out and I had to lay down when I got home. Taylor was really lethargic, too! I was really bummed to miss the Irish street fair at Browne's, but didn't think my body could take more hours in the sun. That'll teach me.
   After recuperating. I made some pickles with onions from my market haul, and ran them over to David's house so I could say hi and see the progress he's made in his garden has made since last visit.
   He had a nice Cab waiting and we toured in his garden. Everything had grown significantly and was looking delicious already. I should've counted how many raised beds he is up to… It grows every year. Lots of tomatoes and herbs, carrots, lettuces, eggplants, snap peas, peppers, and my personal favorite: brussels sprouts! And of course lots of beautiful flowers to attract the bees. A perfectly serene end to the day.