Friday, July 22, 2016

Food truck wisdom

   Indeed, true goodness does come from within… And tonight, the goodness was from within the Pita for Good food truck! 
   My friend/colleague, Stephanie, got me involved in the family business. I got to stand at the window all night, talking with people and taking orders. The perfect antidote for sitting at home alone all week while working: I've never met a stranger, so tonight I met a lot of new friends! Many people came up to crown center to catch a free screening of "the avengers" on the large, inflatable screen after dark.
   Having never worked in food service before, this experience made me realize that it really does feel good to make people feel happy through food. I chatted with everyone at the window, and several people came back to order a second round or to compliment the food. One woman came up to me and told me that she "loves my spirit!" :)
   My favorite new friends were aboard the truck: Mark, Tyler, Emily, and Cheryl. Plus, I really dig the "food truck code" of sharing food with each other. Kim from the coffeecake truck, and Kenny from the beverage tent were awesome to us. What a blast!!!!!!!!