Thursday, July 21, 2016


   "There are no accidents -- some unrecognized or misunderstood opportunities, but no accidents!"   —Pam
   Today is the birthday of Pam K., who I met randomly on a trip to New York City several years ago. She created a nonprofit, working with Haitian artisans to create jewelry from used oil barrels, to benefit Haitian children. And she'd traveled there to see the work to be done firsthand. Courageous and inspiring woman—I want to be her someday!
   After our meeting, she surprised me by putting her prototype bracelet over my wrist and telling me I was meant to have it. I was completely taken aback and blown away by her generosity of spirit. My spirit lifts every time I think of her. 
   Today I'm thinking of her and everyone I know with kind hearts and helping hands. We need more of you.