Sunday, July 3, 2016

Reunited and it feels so good

   Octavio sighting!! We met many years ago at the Hallmark creative internship and became fast friends. It's about time we got together again so I could and finally meet his charming 14-year-old daughter(!!!), Maya, and catch up with his lovely wife, Suzanne!
   Octavio made this Octavio sculpture for me to tease me about how allergic I am to those darn stargazer lilies. I love how the expression on the sculpture matches the the blowfish in the background.
   It was fun hanging out with them for a few hours today as they were driving back from Yellowstone National Park to their home in Florida. Wish they could have stayed much longer!
   Taylor was a hit as usual and wanted to be in the group photo. He actually wanted to go on the rest of their road trip to Florida, but I decided to keep him.