Friday, September 16, 2016

Catch and release

   Welcome to the next installment of the Rarey Catch and Release Program.
   My very talented cat knew last night that there was a mousie under the refrigerator, and she has been on watch all night and all day. I kept pulling the fridge out and not being able to get to it… Until I realized I should stick a yardstick under there. Fortunately, the mouse decided to come out butt first, which meant that I had its tail to use as a handle. Dropped it into a trash can, and the problem was solved (or so I thought).
   Though adorable, these guys are definitely not welcome in my home. But I am relieved I was able to catch it and set it free in a park a couple miles away, rather then it meeting the demise that its comrade found while I was out of town. 
   I did, however, make a total rookie mistake. When I removed the mouse, I had to distract the dogs and move quickly, otherwise they would pounce upon it—they were WILD. And I forgot to show it to them so they knew it was no longer under there. Now they are making me crazy!!!!!