Sunday, September 18, 2016

Death in the dark of night

   I let the dogs out for one last time this evening. It really should have given me pause that they seemed a little too excited for just a normal evening outing. I let them out, then went upstairs for minute. And it was really only a minute, until I heard Taylor's excited alarm bark and came running downstairs.
   Barefoot and armed with my phone and a headlamp, I dove under this bush to see what all the fuss was about. Unfortunately, I got there just in time to see my beloved killer dog shaking the life out of a baby possum.
   I know that this is nature's way, but I also think little possums are adorable, and I feel terrible that it met its end tonight.
   WHY DO THESE ANIMALS COME IN MY YARD?! And perhaps an even better question: WHY DID I ADOPT HUNTING DOGS?!?! And also: how do I get the stench off my dog??? Ugh.