Saturday, September 10, 2016

Funky fishies

   Drawing some funky fishies from memory on the plane ride home from a week of diving in Roatan, the world's second largest reef. What a treat!!! Big thanks to my dive buddies for making it so wonderful (particularly my favorite troublemaker, Fred).
   As ridiculous as it may sound, I'm a scuba instructor living in Kansas... About as far from the ocean as you can get! So don't let geography stop you.
   No matter where you live, you gotta try diving. It's like visiting another planet. It will stoke intense curiosity and fascination--a truly moving experience every time you jump off the boat into the deep blue! I'm so grateful every time I get to go--you simply couldn't find better inspiration or proof that the world is so much bigger and more wonderful than we often imagine it to be.
   If it's not diving for you, make sure you find something that challenges you, inspires you, calms you, shakes up your daily routine. 
   But I hope you try diving. :)