Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The art of diving

   I'm challenging myself to do a drawing a day over dinner, to help me remember all of the amazing creatures I have seen on this trip to Roatan, Honduras.
   A typical day: dive, eat, dive dive, eat, dive dive, shower, eat, (maybe dive again), drink, crash! 
   And for our efforts, we've been rewarded with spectacular sightings: a large nurse shark, free swimming moray eels and garden eels, ocean triggerfish, arrow crabs and banded shrimp, adorable porcupine fish, beautiful spotted eagle rays, queen French and gray angelfish, filefish, funky batfish, trunkfish, barracuda, trumpetfish, squid, blue and yellow tang, black durgon, fairy basslets, garden eels, yellowhead jawfish, and the elusive seahorses and scorpionfish!
   Hundreds more fish than I could ever remember, and more to come... Hopefully still turtles and octopus!
   And jellyfish still love me!! They find me at safety stops and zap me while I'm climbing up the ladder to escape on the boat.