Sunday, September 18, 2016

Inspiration: adventure and nature

   I've been walking the dogs (Taylor, at least) pretty much every single morning since I got my Garmin for Christmas, in pursuit of the goal of 10k daily steps. It gave me visibility to how inactive I'd been during the week, but it illuminated so much more than that...
    A favorite quotes from an inspirational Instagrammer. I keep my wealth in part by taking long walks with the dogs every day, early morning and at dusk. Here are Aki and Taylor enjoying all the attention from their two favorite neighborhood kids, Kayla and Michael. Love these joyful interactions! They have made every day better.
   And the dogs really love the treats that crossing guard Mary brings in her pockets for them every morning! Taylor starts pulling me down the sidewalk in anticipation several blocks before we arrive at the school, and they both know the phrase, "Do you want to see Mary?"