Monday, September 19, 2016

Taco + Taquitos

   Today my coworker, Shannon, told a funny story about her family's new pet. A cute little fish that her young boys named Taco. They assumed Taco was a boy... until Taco had about a hundred taquitos!
   Shannon said she had been a little suspicious of Taco's bulging sides. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
   This is especially funny to me because of my own child experience with pets. My sisters and I had guppies (and a couple of guppies turned into dozens of guppies).  And, at one point we each had a hamster. We thought all three hamsters were girls. Turns out one of them wasn't, and then we had many many hamsters!!! And the BEST part was when those hamsters learned to escape from their cage, and were loose in the house and I thought Mom might run away and never come home! Come to think of it, we lost at least one snake and a couple of anole lizards somewhere in the house, too...
   So I thought this post was a funny fish story, but it's turning out to be a story of what a saint my mother is, putting up with all that crap my sisters and I put her through. Is it any wonder I don't have children?? I'm not sure I could've survived me.
   I hope Taco and her babies live a long, happy life.  :)