Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fun Fun Fun

   This spring Dad picked up a classic '57 Thunderbird, and I got to sit in it for a photo. Did I get to drive it? No. He probably would've let me, except that... I've never learned to drive stick.  He never got around to teaching me when I was in high school like we'd planned. He and mom separated, and we just didn't have the time after that... I was soon off to college, and moved to Kansas City just two weeks after graduation. 
   BUT I found a good friend who agreed to help, and we had our first lesson today, driving around and around a high school parking lot. In some ways it felt familiar, and in some it felt like I was learning to drive all over again. I'm not a natural with mechanical stuff (to put it mildly), so I was nervous and a little tentative. Was worried I'd do something wrong and damage the car! But other than stalling it a few times while stopped on a slight incline as I tried to get it to go (I hear that's pretty typical), things started to click. I started to get the hang of letting off the clutch as I eased on the gas to make smoother transitions. I began to see how this could actually be FUN.
   Recently Dad found and purchased the car he REALLY wanted but hadn't been able to find, a '60 "Squarebird". So awesome that it apparently can't be contained in a single photo. ;)
   Hoping to do more than just sit in them the next time I visit Ohio. And I'll have fun fun fun till my Daddy takes the T-birds away!!!