Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

    I'll start with the photo of my finished pumpkins, which I finally got around to painting this morning. Had such a blast coming up with the characters that I'm hoping I can get some deeply discounted pumpkins tomorrow and fill up my whole porch!!!
   Pumpkins and gourds are perfect for painting, the paint goes on smooth, almost like glass. Last year was the first year I painted; I have always carved before. Now it's hard to go back, because these have so much personality, and they last well after the season!
   The reactions of all the kids trick or treating on my doorstep confirm that it was well worth the effort… They are a huge hit!!!
   It has been a wonderful Halloween weekend, kick off with Rebecca's party Friday night. All the budding entrepreneurs were there, and she had a fun Smore's bar in her backyard with the firepit. It was fun to see Rebecca, Stephanie, Kris, and Lance--and to meet new people.
   Last night, Amy and Brandon invited me to a little-kid-filled party at their house in Waldo. They made homemade chili with roast beef and steak--with a toppings bar. Amy had decorated the house thoroughly which really got us in the spirit for the holiday. Cisco played lion on the front porch.
  Tonight after a great website meeting with Olivia, I'm sitting and waiting for the kids to show up so I can hand out the candy! I have such fond memories of getting in costume and going out in search of candy as a kid. But I have to say, I enjoy being home and being delighted by all the happy kids coming to my door even more--especially because I recognize so many of these children whom we see at the crosswalk outside the elementary school every morning. They've been coming to the door and recognizing me and the dogs, having not known previously where we live. :)
   These are the costumes the kids are wearing this year: Spiderman, princess, Batman, Wonder Woman, Bob the minion, kitty, 3 Harry Potter wizards, cute witch, another Spiderman, Jason from Halloween, tiny baby Frankenstein, another adorable witch, Pikachu Ash and a pokeball (my favorite!), video game characters I've never heard of, Blastoise, butterfly, Star Wars characters I've never heard of, too cute clowns (I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but seriously, these girls were adorable), a fairy and her brother-- a sweet little blind dragon with a cane, Snow White in a wheelchair, a tiny little muscle-y Incredible Hulk, a tiny adorable Wonder Woman, a pink and Dalmatian-spotted cow girl, a tiny purple princess, goth red riding hood, a black cat, a dark angel with amazing black feathered wings, a baby, a pirate...