Sunday, October 2, 2016


   Today is one of those days where my mind is racing with thoughts, and was for much of the night. I find myself with too much energy to do nothing, and not enough energy to do anything! 
   I talked myself into going outside to plant the sorrel and lemon balm that Fred brought for me yesterday. Both are wonderfully fragrant additions to my garden, and somehow there happened to be perfect spots for both, even among my overgrown mess. They just fit. I thought about how lucky I am to have people who care enough to surprise me like that--people who are just show up--and fit as if they've always been there.
   I dug the holes and lifted the plants out of their large pots, dirt spilling out. I love working with my hands, and seeing my garden evolve year after year. As I reached in to pick up handfuls of soil to fill in around the fresh plants, I noticed that the soil was full of large earthworms. 
   These worms were in Fred's yard in Belton, Missouri just yesterday, and today they are here in Overland Park, Kansas. I have good soil, so I take for granted that they will thrive here. But sometimes it isn't that easy.
   This morning I traded messages with a dear friend whom I met here in Kansas years ago. Two years ago her husband, who is in the army, was transferred to California and they moved. And this week she shared that she made the decision to move back to her homeland in Japan, and is already back working at her old company, in Okinawa. Her husband is still in California. She understands the feeling of being unsettled, like you're not sure where "home" is anymore.
   Thinking of my friend in Japan made me think of yesterday's Japan festival, and bumping into so many friends who still work at my old employer--and at the art fair last weekend too.  Even when change is welcome, it isn't easy. Can be hard to be uprooted, and to bloom in your new spot. But time marches on, and eventually we figure it out.