Sunday, October 2, 2016

Inktober Vermin

   Inspired by a hilarious happy hour conversation this week, I give you… Vermin! 
   Apparently, rats occasionally come out of the toilets in Florida. Diana claimed it was, "Only twice in 20 years." Sounds like two too many times!!
   And I don't remember why we were talking about raccoon-scented perfume, but there you have it: "L'eau de Raccon"... Which sounds even better when you say it out loud with a French accent as horrible as mine.
   I looked up the French word for raccoon, and it appears to be "raton laveur." I only took one year of French in high school so don't quote me on this, but that sounds like it translates to "wash rat." And that perfectly sums up why I love learning bits of foreign languages.
   Reminds me of The Japanese word for hedgehog 「ハリネズミ」which charmingly translates to "needle mouse."
   Drawn with a Faber Castell brush pen. I bought four new pens this week and I'm looking forward to drawing a little every day this month to get a handle on them.