Saturday, October 1, 2016

Roses and rosé

   My heart is full on this beautiful day! Fred surprised me with a delivery of his homegrown roses, generous pots of sorel and lemon balm to plant in my yard for my salads next year, and a lovely rosé from Sainte Genevieve winery in eastern Missouri. Thanks, Fred-- Love you!
   And the dahlias in my yard are putting on quite a show! Several are at peak bloom now, and a dozen more buds will bloom over the next week. I love all flowers, but these have to be my favorite. The colors and symmetry are incredible... Like little fireworks!
   This afternoon I met Brett and Jana at the annual Japan festival at JCCC, and we dined on okonomiyaki and steam noodle salad, and enjoyed the people watching and the culture. I got to see Rumbach-sensei and Stroder-sensei, my two Japanese teachers. And I saw Anne and Craig Cherry who will be on their way to Japan in two weeks. And Azusa!!!! Haven't seen her in so long, and she gives the best hugs. Can't wait to get together with my friend again soon. :)