Sunday, November 27, 2016

Home sweet home

   I love my home. But after leaving my corporate job and working from home for so long, I realize how tricky that can be for me. As a strong extrovert, it's important for me to get out and spend time with people. I love people! And they give me energy.
   And now that I've said all that, let me share how grateful I am that I've been home for the past year. On November 30, 2015, I let the dogs out in the morning like I always do. But this time, as they went running off the deck, Aki started screaming in mid air and fell to the ground. I watched in horror as she tore through her ACL!
   She had corrective surgery on December 29. And it took her most of 2016 to heal. She's active like me and kept overdoing it, aggravating the surgery and slowing recovery.
   Flash forward to yesterday, November 26, almost precisely a year later. I noticed a couple weeks ago that Aki was limping on her "good" leg, so I've been very careful to restrict her activity, and things seemed to have been going OK. Until... She started running at the park, and caught herself in mid stride--squealing in pain and falling down. My heart sank. And though it was tough, I was glad to be able to carry her nearly a mile home. She did it again!
   I'll take her to the vet this week to confirm the diagnosis and schedule the surgery. She's only 9.5 years old, and Shibas can live as long as 17. So it's only fair that I do everything it takes to give her a great, long life. (And hope the money will take care of itself somehow.)
   Today has been pretty chill, I've been on the phone following up on job leads and working on my computer, with my girl at my feet. As excited as I am to be working outside the home again, I am so very grateful that I can be here to help see her through this recovery... Again. She's the first dog I adopted on my own, and she trusts me like no other person.  They say things happen for a reason, and she is my reason! <3
   And that cute photo of her sleeping soundly was made possible by our dear friend and pet sitter, Mary Ann. She dropped by and surprise us today with a brand-new, huge, soft and comfy dog bed. Feeling extra blessed today!