Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Teaching trial

   So let me get this straight: I come speak to your class about the business of being and illustrator/graphic designer/creative director, and you make me an awesome handmade card and bring me donuts? I think I could get used to this teaching thing!
   I was invited once again to speak to a class at art institutes international Kansas City, just a few minutes from home. In the past, I've always spoken about Japanese culture and character design. Today it was about my career, my work, and my advice for students. I have to admit, I was really nervous! I happen to believe that teaching is an extremely important job, and although I teach scuba diving, I've never formally taught in my field. I don't have a lot of confidence in my ability yet. What better reason to except the invitation and try it out?
   I figured I would talk for about an hour, but our discussion lasted three hours… Pretty much the whole class. Ha! Not only am I very capable of doing this, it's actually very exciting. In our country teachers often don't get the respect they deserve--and when you think about it, there aren't too many jobs out there that are more important than imparting knowledge to the next generation.
   I hope the information and advice I shared was valuable. The class was super attentive! Grateful to Heather for inviting me, and to see where this path could lead…