Sunday, November 20, 2016

Merry Fishmas!

   TA-DAAAAH!!! Mel and I finished her holiday door decor on my living room floor (assisted--or hindered--by my pets, of course!), and Chris helped us install it in her office. 
   We dove together in Roatan, Honduras this year and a couple of our favorite sites have large crevasses in the coral you can swim through. The story we depicted is a diver coming though a crack to discover the fish getting into the holiday spirit, using bubbles to decorate their coral "tree." 
   All of the fish are ones we've seen together... Except for Rudolph the red-lighted anglerfish. And usually the tanks say "Nitrox" and don't look like ugly Christmas sweaters.

   Now I'm ready for Christmas AND ready for scuba... two great things that go better together!!! (We happen to be instructors, so hit us up if you're ready to scuba!)
   Here are a few shots of the work in progress in reverse order: