Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

  Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends! It's one of my favorite days of the year, as we are invited to look around us and be grateful for all of the blessings in our lives (which we should remember to do every day!). And invariably, the greatest blessings in my life our friends and family. This year I had several invitations to join friends for Thanksgiving, and I was able to accept a couple of them.
  The day started early with a turkey day 5k (or in our case, a pilgrim run) with the Buttonwood Financial team: Jon and Wendy, John and Catherine, and Mitchell, along with Madeline and Wayne.
   Although it was cold, it wasn't raining, and although I haven't run in over three months due to my injury, I was able to run with Wayne and completed the race without incident. Compared to my normal pace it was slow, but I chalk this one up to a huge success! (Bib #4039, 26th and my division, 575 overall, finish time 37:34, overall pace 12:08)
   I spent some time with Kelly's cats since he is out of town, then showered and dressed and headed back to the plaza for a phenomenal lunch at Capital Grille with Jon, Wendy, and Mitchell from Buttonwood. I don't know about you, but I would trade the traditional turkey and mashed potatoes for steak and lobster any day! Especially when they are accompanied by lobster mac & cheese, calamari and hot cherry peppers, and a great red wine from France. So grateful that these guys invited me to join the race and the lunch again this year.
   Then I headed to the Tompkins home to enjoy more great wine, homemade pecan pie from Diane, A long walk through beautiful Hyde Park – the location of our morning run – and great conversation. For many years the Tompkins clan has graciously invited me to join their Thanksgiving celebration, and I'm so grateful they're my Kansas City family! The usual suspects were there: Gail, Nancy and David, Tasha and her new boyfriend, Bob and Ana.
   After all that, it was good to head back home to my pets, who were excited to see me. Extra treats all around.
   Happy Thanksgiving to all!