Saturday, November 26, 2016

Surprise visitors

   Interesting morning… 2 mile walk with my dogs, and halfway through, Aki started limping so badly she couldn't walk. 99.9% sure she tore her other ACL. Awesome. So I start walking back towards home, carrying a dog more than 25% of my own weight. Guess I'll skip the gym today!!
   But wait--There's more!
   Just a few blocks from home, a dog charged towards us. My dogs were snarling, on high alert, though I'm not sure I would trust them to protect me given that this dog was practically the size of all three of us combined!! 
   Fortunately, the big boxer/Rottweiler mix just wanted to play. Which presented a new problem: she was jumping and darting about like boxers do, which caused Taylor to get all excited, and my dog walking belt slipped down around my ankles and tripped me. I was lucky to stay on my feet, with my girl in my arms!
   The dog followed us home, trying to play the whole way, and I was able to get a leash around her head and drag her into my garage so that she will be safe until animal control can come pick her up. As a thanks, she left me a "present." Ugh!!!! I'm just glad we're all safe.
   And just a few days later, as I was returning home from a walk, a woman driving by stopped and called out to me. She had picked up another stray dog and was hoping I recognized it. Nope! But fortunately was some diligent work from the two of us, this week girl was returned to her owner within the day.
   The moral of the story is that each and every parent should be microchip and wearing a collar with their name and owners phone number at all times.