Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Oh. My. Dog.

   Yesterday afternoon the three nerds (Aki, Taylor, and Kismet) and I drove up to the Hallmark Union Hill photo studio for a Christmas shoot. I won't divulge any of the fun details, other than that the staff was fantastic and fun, they sat was beautiful, and we had a blast. The dogs were dressed in adorable pajamas--and seemed to not only tolerate them, but actually enjoy them. Hmm. Might have to get some of those!
   I can't say that Kismet really enjoyed being dressed up and forced to sit, even though she was being bribed with grilled chicken. She decided to exit the same through the fireplace façade the studio had created, and climbed up, behind, and down into it. It was very difficult to get her out, but I was in a bit worried. We all had a great laugh over it. They probably won't ever invite her back, but I hope I'm wrong.
   They have photographed all three of these guys before, as well as my previous kitty, Gypsy. And they have shared large-format prints of both cats that I keep in my house. Gypsy was featured on cards, and books, and on frames. I treasure these gorgeous photos and sweet memories of all my pets. 
   Thanks, Hallmark team, for inviting us, and for your great sense of humor!