Friday, December 30, 2016

Return of the cone

    48 hours from ACL surgery, and this crazy lil' girl is more concerned with not missing a morsel of food, patrolling the yard for intruders (squirrels & birds), and marking her home turf, than about lying around convalescing. It's amazing how fast she zips around on 3 legs. And I have to keep her as still as possible for 8-12 weeks!!! How the heck am I gonna pull that off??? 
   The post-op time was extremely difficult last year; Aki cried all night for the first 2 weeks, hurting and irritated by wearing the cone. On day 10 she got the cone off while I was sleeping and chewed out 6/10 stitches. Quite the handful!! 
   She seems much more comfortable and content to relax this time. Last night we all slept like normal. Hoping I'm not speaking too soon, but I think this time will be much easier! I guess she just knows what to expect now. HALLELUJAH
   Two verrrrry expensive years in a row. So help me dog, 2017 needs to be luckier. But in the end, having my sweet girly back is priceless.